Business English Coaching

The Business English Coaching we offer is designed for business people who need to improve their competence in English for professional purposes in various fields and activities, such as manufacturing, administration, IT, sales, marketing, human resources, global management or others.

These programs are broadly structured as follows:

English Language Coaching for Business

Our English Language Coaching programs, which are predominately language based, are individually designed to develop the English language skills required before doing a Basic Business English program.

Basic Business English Coaching
The Basic Business English Coaching programs are designed for employees who have a basic knowledge of English and need to refresh this, as well as build on their basic understanding of Business English at a lower level.

Business English Coaching
All the Business English Coaching programs used here are suitable for employees who already have knowledge of English and want to improve their Business English Skills.

Business English Skills Coaching.
These programs are ideal for employees who have a good knowledge of English and would like to improve this skill in conjunction with a general business skill:  Socialising, Presentations, Meetings, Telephoning or Negotiations.  These programs are generally 40% language and 60% business skill.

Specific Business English Coaching.
These programs are designed in conjunction with the client and usually meet a specific Business English need, such as Human Resources, Financial Management, Financial Controls, Financial Systems, Technical English, Team Building, Organisational Development or any other business skill requirement.

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