Our Coaching Style & Training Methods

Prior to the implementation of any program, we conduct a series of interviews at various levels within the organisation to determine your Business English needs. In addition to the interviews, we also carry out a series of assessment tests to help with the final analysis of the Business English need.

Only once this has been done are we in a position to propose a coaching program that best suits your corporate needs. Most of our programs are run “in-house” as either a “one-on-one” coaching session or in small groups of up to four participants.

The coaching is usually spread over a 20 week period, with meetings of 90 minutes once a week. In addition to the weekly meetings we encourage additional participation including correspondence by email, conversations by phone, additional assignments, research and special tasks. The Coach will always be there to support the group’s or the individual’s efforts to excel throughout the program.

It should be noted that our programs are conducted using adult coaching techniques as opposed to the traditional school teaching methods.

The Coaching Cycle